Ludwig Hartmann

Ludwig Hartmann (1836–1910) – a German pianist, composer and music critic.

Born in Neuss, the son of music director and composer Friedrich Hartmann. He initially studied with his father, and subsequently with Ignaz Moscheles (piano) and Moritz Hauptmann (composition) at the Leipzig Conservatory. In 1856–1857 he lived in Weimar, where he received his education from Liszt. He then settled in Dresden.

From 1859 to 1872, he worked as a professional music critic and wrote for Constitutionelle Zeitung and Dresdener Nachrichten. In the famous dispute concerning the aesthetics of the German neo-Romantic school, he was the leading advocate of Wagner.

Ludwig Hartmann died in Dresden.

He mainly composed songs, ballads and works for piano. His opera König Helge remains in manuscript.

Mirosław Płoski
Translated by Xymena Pietraszek-Płatek
Proofread by Ben Koschalka


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