Music Collection of the Łańcut Castle Museum Library

Digitalisation of Polish and German music (2010)
The exhibition on Marcello di Capua, Lubomirska's court composer (2012)

Beata Płoska

Digitalisation of Łańcut music materials in the context of Polish and European culture

The project of the digitalisation of musical works from the collections of the Castle Museum in Łańcut was completed in 2010 by the Horizon Art Society in Krakow, with essential cooperation from our German partners and a great commitment on the part of the Museum.

During our work on the project we adopted a broad, audio-visual digitalisation formula. On one side, we entered a large portion of the manuscripts and printed music collection into a digital catalogue of the library; on the other – going beyond the basic documentary and archival framework of our project – we recorded selected works in the form of sound on two CDs. In addition, we recorded a number of music files with fragments of works; we hope that they will be a useful resource for information. Thanks to the “sound digitalisation” of the Łańcut scores, our project has taken on a decidedly artistic aspect.

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Tadeusz Baj

The Łańcut Library

The Potockis’ Library in Łańcut is one of the few home libraries owned by an aristocratic family that survived after the Second World War.

It was built in 1798, commissioned by the then owner of Łańcut, Princess Izabela Lubomirska née Czartoryska (1736–1816), the widow of Grand Marshal of the Crown Stanisław Lubomirski (1720–1783). The single-storey library pavilion was designed by the royal architect Christian Piotr Aigner, who also planned the most splendid interiors of Princess Lubomirska’s palace: the Ballroom, the Grand Dining Hall and the Little Theatre.

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Bernadetta Kochman

Rediscovered Pearls

For nearly two hundred years these works were not performed. For two hundred years, the sheet music remained unplayed. And when it finally saw the light of day, all expectations were surpassed. The echoes of applause rang on and on following a concert on Sunday, 10 October 2010 in the Ballroom of the Łańcut Castle, promoting the “Łańcut Musicalia” project of the Horizon Art Society.

First there was silence and anticipation. Then finally, the sounds of violins, cellos and the piano began to flow. With the hall’s huge mirror, situated above the marble fireplace, the number of musicians and instruments seemed to be greater than in reality. The ballroom – one of the most beautiful interiors of the Łańcut Castle – was lit with thousands of lights reflecting in its crystal chandeliers.

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